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Jyoti Mehta, BOT, MOT, OT/L, CHT

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Degrees and Certifications

  • Certified Hand therapist (CHT) by HTCC since 2011

  • Hand Therapy Certification by California board of OT 2008

  • PAM certification by California board of OT 2008

  • Neurodevelopmental techniques, NDT Certified 2006

  • Masters of Occupational Therapy 2001 (University of Mumbai, India)

  • Bachelors of Occupational Therapy 1999 (University of Calcutta, India)



  • ASHT (American Society of Hand Therapists) 

  • HTA-CA (Hand therapy Association of California)

  • IOTA (Indian Occupational Therapy Association)

I began my work experience in the US by providing neuro-rehabilitation to patients with traumatic brain injury. During this time, I attained NDT certification in 2006. While recovering from my own injuries, I had the opportunity to explore hand and upper extremity rehabilitation. With over 4000 hours of experience exclusively treating hand and upper extremity disorders and injuries, and successfully completing the HTCC exams in 2011, I became a Certified Hand Therapist. As of 2022, there are approximately 6,600 CHTs in the United States and just over 7,000 worldwide. To further enhance my knowledge of upper extremity functioning, I have completed more than 100 courses, and I continue to learn and grow in this field.


After over 20 years of working at big hospitals/firms (inpatient and outpatient) with long waits, multiple layers for access to your health professional, fast revolving door treatments and impersonal care; I realized there is a huge void for high quality therapy where the patient is truly in control. With my multiple certifications, extensive training and experience, I strive to fill this void with my private practice. At Healthy Hands, patients are the top priority.


Here, each patient gets thoroughly assessed for different systems - from skin and fascia to muscles, tendons, joints and nerves. The interplay between different systems is analyzed in light of their social factors and lifestyle. Using this holistic approach and implementing my broad range of manual therapy techniques and custom splinting skills, I aim to fine tune the body systems for restoring optimal health and function. I am a firm believer in educating my patients about how the home program contributes to their healing. Not only do they heal faster, they also feel empowered.


I have had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life - musicians, climbers, chefs, sports enthusiasts, attorneys, teachers, artists, and office workers. Treating diverse upper extremity conditions has given me a deep understanding of the impact they have on each patient’s unique work and daily life. 


In addition to my clinical practice, I also have a passion in teaching ergonomics and injury prevention. Through webinars and community lectures, my goal is to educate folks on how to prevent complex repetitive injuries by making simple changes in their lifestyle. 

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