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Welcome to Healthy Hands!
Rehabilitation of hands, wrists & elbows

Hello, I am Jyoti, licensed Occupational Therapist and a Certified Hand Therapist.

I am glad your pursuit for pain free and strong hands and arms brought you here. My approach is grounded in science yet laced with compassion. I will meticulously carve a treatment plan specific to your needs and conditions.

Here at Healthy Hands, you will get -

  • Full attention of your therapist 100% of the time

  • Exercises fine tuned to your individual abilities

  • Education on your diagnosis and current treatment options available

  • What activities to pursue and what to avoid with your diagnosis

  • How to do the tasks you love and enjoy without aggravating discomfort

  • All this in the comfort and safety of your home/office (through virtual sessions)

The goal at Healthy Hands is to help you reach your best possible outcome. I invite you to read more about me and what treatment approaches I offer. If it feels a good fit, take the first step of the journey to your best health.

Call 408-663-4876 or email info@healthyhandstherapy.com to schedule your virtual therapy session.

Certified Hand Specialist in California

Why Choose a CHT?

Specialist in evaluating and treating upper extremities - hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders.


If you have an injury or have undergone surgery and are suffering from any pain/discomfort or functional limitations in your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder, and your doctor recommends therapy, consider seeing a CHT.


A CHT (Certified Hand Therapist) is an OT or PT who has put a few thousand hours of exclusive clinical experience evaluating and treating upper extremity (hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders) and has passed a certification exam by HTCC (Hand Therapy Certification Commission). For more info reg CHTs, please visit HTCC.org


As a CHT, I take ongoing courses each year to deepen the base of my scientific knowledge, broaden my repertoire of techniques and further refine my hands-on skills. 


Conditions Treated

CHT Specialist licensed in CA


With my specialization as CHT, I am trained and experienced in treating a wide variety of orthopaedic and neurological upper extremity conditions including -

  • Fractures of hand, wrist, elbow

  • Soft tissue trauma/lacerations

  • Repetitive stress injuries ( Dequervain's, Tennis elbow)

  • Post surgical tendons

  • Hand stiffness

  • Arthritis

  • Posture and ergonomic issues

  • Nerve compression syndromes

  • Sports injuries and more...

carpal tunnel treatments and nerve compression treatments

Treatment Approaches

Treatment at Healthy Hands is focused on restoring your ability to comfortably engage in your daily home, work or leisure tasks and live your life to the fullest.


Whether your pain is a result of sports injuries, surgery or spending too many hours in front of the computer, I can help you ease your pain and achieve your best possible mobility, strength and endurance. To achieve that, I use a variety of treatment approaches such as manual therapy, splinting, ergonomics, joint protection techniques, patient education and...

therapy treatments for hands

Client Testimonials

"Jyoti, you are the best!! You have taken such a personal interest in getting my arm back to where it was. I am so grateful for this kind of care and attention to detail. I am really almost normal because of you. Even when it was painful, you made it fun talking to you. I will miss you!"

- Janice


Serving the California Bay Area

Serving bay area cities including Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, San Jose, Saratoga.

Virtual sessions offered to clients anywhere in California.